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    When I read that post, I had the feeling that you are not from the younger generation (like 18 years old). But you are right, technology is evolving fast and we have to learn new things our whole life. Maybe I'm lucky to get this life long learning-message/warning while I'm still young.

    It's not only the Windows platform that evolves very fast. Example: Saturday I was at a car dealer who explained to me how the in-car computer and gps worked. He told me that he had take a training class every month to keep up to date otherwise he would be completely lost.

    Another example: The entertainment world. Every 5 years we have completely different gaming platform (consoles). If you were a programmer at EA games you would have to relearn how to make that "Hello World" application! (Am I glad that I can still play Doom 1 on Win XP)

    When I started with programming, I learned VB6. 1 year later arrived and I started upgrading my knowledge by reading articles that explained what was different. From now on I will have to learn about those generics and Longhorn but I'm not going to learn how the old com stuff works or unmanaged apps.