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Intellipoint 5.0

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    Could someone please tell me what the reasoning was behind removing half of the features from microsoft intellipoint 4.12 when they released 5.0, including the only one that convinced me to install it in the first place? i.e. program specific key assignments.  I would simply stick to using 4.12 but its not compatible with WinXP.  There is no 3rd party software that I can switch to, so it would seem I am * out of luck.  If there is a thread already for this please direct me to it, I did not see any in a quick check.

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    I've seen many posts like this in many forums, I am also curious to know the reasoning behind removing features from a peripheral. It's not like it's a complicated feature either...

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    I'm addicted to the large thumb button as 'alt-tab'. I can't function with out it. (There is a bug with it such that if I log on to my computer with terminal services then these mouse buttons die, and I have to reboot.)

    I had to down-grade my mouse driver to get the functionality back, some *idiot* (I'm sorry, I can't even begin to be nice about this one) decided that the 'tab-like' feature should 'scroll through windows', rather than 'recall last window'. If you're like me, you have at least 20 windows open at a time, so something like that is useless.

    I was ropable when this happened. Seriously. I almost had to find something that I could break.

    I'm never upgrading my mouse driver again.


    p.s. Someone tell me that I'm wrong, and that the functionality was simply 'hidden'. Please. Otherwise, I too what to know WHO IS RESPONSIBLE!?

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    thumb button as alt+tab is the best idea i've heard in awhile...i need to get a new mouse Sad

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    I've been complaining about the 5.0 driver 'functionality strip' for a while also. They removed wheel scrolling from apps that don't natively support it, which was important to me in VB and some other applications. The ability to map the mouse wheel click to a middle button click, important to me for some applications and games (it's my reload button in Ghost Recon for example). I had to go back to using my old wired mouse rather than the nice new wireless one.

    Gill wrote:

    I would simply stick to using 4.12 but its not compatible with WinXP. 

    You can use the 4.12 driver with Windows XP provided your mouse can work with that driver. Newer wireless models can't but older wired models do just fine.

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    I completely agree with you. Try to post this also at the Carlos's thread about MS Hardware.

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    jj5 Yes your photo scares me. (Except the "Mongolian" Bit)

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