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Wiki + programmer = Wikammer

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    I don't know if this is an original idea or not.. but has anyone ever used a Wiki type format for Open-Source programming. I mean at the moment you can add new topics and write about it, why can't we expand that to functional programming. Imagine if you could just go to and edit out an error you spotted and have your code appear in the next release. This would remove the need for programmers to have specialist build tools, because the site does it all.

    Clearly it might make the project unmanageable, but you could say the same about any project. I just mentioned it because it is a concept that might have some merit.

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    You know, I can't imagine it being to difficult to have a Wiki integrate with CVS (or even source safe).  Would the webserver also build/package/create patch for you?  I think this is a great idea, especially for smaller/simpler projects like Mozilla extensions.  I wonder if anyone has already implemented something similar?  I've got a FireFox extension I created awhile back which is hosted on Mozdev that I keep meaning to update, but it's such a pain connecting through CVS.  Being able to edit the code directly through the site would be great.  Especially for a small simple project like that (it's just JavaScript/XUL, no compiling required, just packaging into a *.jar file).  I wonder if the free rich textbox could be extended to support type-ahead? Wink

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    That's a really interesting idea, and not something that I've heard of before.  Maybe you should start a project on GotDotNet Workspaces to create something like that.

    I think it would work pretty well for small or medium-sized projects and would be cool to work on.

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    I think that's an awesome idea.

    If Mono was done this way, I would have contributed by now. The SqlTypes implementation is a mess for example, System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlBinary being a good case in point since the Byte[] is not cloned, etc.

    I could fix this for the world, if the barrier to entry didn't seem so high.. perhaps it's just open-source ignorance on my behalf.

    Any Mono contributors lurking around here?


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