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View Thread: How to Hate Microsoft?
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    1. Microsoft guiding baystar to failing SCO Unix to keep the trouble stirring on the Linux front
    2. Microsoft stealing technology like they did with Apple, Stac Electronics, Sun Microsystems - Then using monopolistic wealth to outlive a case in court so they opposing company either folds, cries uncle and settles, or suffers great loss, thus killing competition.
    3. Microsoft trademarking the name "windows" which is a generic term. Yes, I know there are a "few" companies with trademarked generic names. I am speaking of Microsoft now. Others can speak of those companies elsewhere
    4. Microsoft being a burden of society in regards to pushing their technology on the market place with great resistence from the marketplace, but then the market place caves becuase there are things more important to do in life than fight a whining idiot.
    5. Steve Ballmer
    6. Microsoft spending $6.5 billion a year in R&D and THIS is all we have to show for their efforts when people out there are writing better software for free.
    7. Microsoft acting (key word is acting) as if they should be the only providers of computer technology
    8. Being forced to buy a copy of Microsoft Windows with the purchase of a low cost (under $1000 retail) DELL, HP, or Gateway computer.  I could buy a 3rd party PC without Windows, but maybe I want a DELL with something else besides Windows. It can't be done unless I buy an expensive (over $2000) system.