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View Thread: How to Hate Microsoft?
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    lenn wrote:

    Code Ronin - Believe me, despite my comments trying to be light hearted about my role at Microsoft and the world which clearly came across the wrong way to you ... I do take this very seriously. I wanted to create Channel 9 just so people like you could have a voice to speak openly with Microsoft. Do I agree with many of your points? Yes. Do I think we can do a lot of things better as a company? Yes. Do I care about what you say, absolutely. The team and I put a lot on the line when we launched Channel 9, this was not some planned scheme by PR at Microsoft. Change takes time, you have to start somewhere. Don't stop talking with us, and my personal apologies if you felt disrespect in my comments.

    I can accept that. I don't mind helping people. When ever I can I will provide you with my input in hopes it will make you a better company. I felt no disrepect in the least. I was just pointing out that your words reflect the image of a person who represents microsoft. You might want to think twice about what you mean to say and what you say to mean. after all, the whole net is watching (^_^)

    lenn wrote:

    ... this was not some planned scheme by PR at Microsoft.

    Well, it's definetaly hard to NOT believe that.

    Read this first about MSN

    Then read this about current events.

    This was new article was from slashdot this morning. 

    Even though it is speculation, the technical evidence supports Microsoft's presumed goals. I'm wondering how microsoft could explain this type of behavior?

    And finally lets ponder about Netscape and Java and wonder if there really was no unethical competitive business practices going on. I believe it's still going on and so do many others.

    THIS is what needs to stop, first. Then we can start talking about your code.