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    Hello guys,

    I have invented an idea which if implemented would revolutionize the entire e-mail community! Today every one using email suffers from viruses, phishing attacks, spoofed emails and not to mention SPAM. Well, there can be some ways by which viruses, phishing attack and spoofed emails can be blocked or detected by using techniques like SPF (see, but there is no way to pervent someone from sending you SPAM.

    Hence, if you are not able to stop some one to send you spam, better you allow to send spam and then regulate it!

    How to regulate spam?
    Well, make email sender to pay a amount for sending mail. Soon the volume of mails will reduce! A part of the amount will be taken by the sender's email server and receivers email server as 'brokage' and rest amount would be paid to the reciever of the email. So, if you receive a lot of spam, you receive a lot of money.

    But, why should my friend pay me for a email? This will make communication between us difficult.
    You can add yours friends address in a FREE MAIL LIST. All the people who are listed in your list will not need to pay even a cent. Where as you can set some amount like $1 as default amount. By this, if some one has to mail you and is not listed in your FREE Mail list then he will have to pay you $1 in order to mail you. So if you hate unsolicit mails, make the default amount to say $100. Now the unsolicitor will have to think twice before sending you mail! If someone sent you a important mail and he had to pay $100 then you can always return his money back just by emailing him $100.

    What is the use of such system?
    If this system is in place, you can make direct payments very securely to anyone in the world just by sending a email of appropriate amount. You will forget the Credit Cards.

    So guys what do you think about this idea? Impractical? Think again. I have developed a protocol extension in SMTP which will help to do all the above features securely.

    your comments....