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    Hmmm, thats also true. But that might even encourage spammers, because if just one person buys there $19.99 what-not, then that pays for a lot of emails. But then again they could just make the spam mails more expensive, you know like $0.50 or something, then there would be a lot less spammers.

    I like your credit move ability idea. But people would probably copy and paste their credit files (make two of the one file, resulting in doubled credit) and then put it on a USB key then put that file on a different mail account.

    Oh yes what if some poor user gets a virus or whatever you want to call it, then it turns their computer into a zombie spamming machiene (a computer only controlled by the virus creator, not the user) and that user's credit is attached to that machiene's email. On top of that every spam mail sent has a small virus in it which does the same thing. Talk about a weapon of Mass Destruction.