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View Thread: This Will Make You LOVE SPAM !
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    I absolutely hate this idea. Here is a run down of just a few points

    - How are you going to enforce this tax?
    - What if countries don't want to sign up?
    - Who managed this tax 'free' e-mail list?
    - How do you calculate how much mail has been sent?
    - Define what is an 'E-Mail'
    - What right does a government have to tax e-mail?
    - What happens if I don't pay?
    - Do I pay before or after?
    - What if I want to continue to run my own mail server? Will I need to link into the tax system? What is my incentive for doing so?
    - What is stopping them from spoofing the from address and send illegal tax free mail?
    - How would you incorporate this into the current e-mail system?
    - Would legacy equipment and software still function?

    I really couldn't come up with a worse idea that would ruin the internet more. If this happened all the really cool people (including me) would have to leave the internet and start up our own independent network where technology and politics/cash flow have nothing to do with one another.

    I can't see how this tax could be legal either, your taxing a free service! This isn't like taxing something your paying $1 for, your applying a tax to a $0 service pushing it up.. This has never been done to my knowledge. It is the equivalent to charging someone for going down to the beach and drinking out the sea.

    I couldn't hate this idea more.. It is the worst suggestion I have heard and it scares me how a few of you are happy with it and discussing how you think it should be done.

    I wonder how many weeks until we see the HTTP tax on per web-page requests? Or maybe just on POST and GET requests, they are sort of like e-mail after all .. then why not IM?