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    Ok, that is a justifiable concern.  What if people paid for an "email credit" ahead of time.  Like, if an email costs $0.00001 and you buy 100,000 emails worth, you pay $1 (if I got my math right) and then can send up to 100,000 emails.  The credit could be stored on a portable USB device (like what I have hanging off my keychain) and Outlook or whatever debits the reader for each email.

    Loadsgood wrote:
    This was Bill Gates' idea. I wonder if he's going to implement it, he probably won't since the critics out there hated the idea. So do I, there are a lot of ripping off people involved in this, probably a crack to make the sender pay more, and just to much risk all up. It would make a lot less people use email,  and over all you would have to attach your money account to your email account (as in have a secret section in your email setup with your bank details, which there probably would be a crack to find out).