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    What I think of this site.

    The following is from another thread.
    "This site will be on /. very shortly. ... Too bad the place will likely suck [because of the flames] for a couple days, as I think this site might be a good idea."

    Now I've come here from the slashdot link thinking "peh, just another m$ attempt at pretending it is a good company and trying to make people ignore all it's problems" though when I got here all of that was wiped. Why? Most things just don't work (I am using Mozilla 1.7b), the left side bar is not readable, the media applets do not run, the main menu has bad boundaries, the forums are hard to read and to add to it most things overlap which is just to name some things from a list. So I open it in IE6 and as I expected it worked. My thoughts on this? "Great way to show the world you really want them to think you are open by forcing them to use IE." Though to be fair and not sound like a "linux hippie" I opened it in Opera 7(.23) and did not have any more luck than I did using my default browser, this held true after opening it in two other browsers.

    So, so far I still think my first thought but on top of that I also think the webmaster needs to visit .

    I think this site could be good and I would probably like to visit it but first I'd rather it was usable, does any one know when these problems might be fixed? In the mean time I think the line “the place will likely suck” holds true not for the people in it but for the bad way it has been coded.