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    People and nations will act rationally when all other options have been exhuausted.

    Personally I don't write / publish html that isn't valid.

    Y haven't heard that particular mantra:

    "Like everything in software, prioritization drives shipping, and he who ships, gets to ship again."

    So standards, reliability, security .... all take a back seat to shipping.

    Don't get me wrong I understand it, I've only ever worked at R&D-and-market driven companies. If your best route to profitability is sustained rapid growth then the pressure to continue to do new stuff is incredible.

    Difference of course is I work in the medical device industry.

    But the economics are the same. Bugs cost exponentially more the later you catch them in development. Of course the stakes are higher in my arena.

    And when MS ships a bug customers get to deal with it until the next release. That's a world of pain, yeah it doesn't seem to eat into your profitability in the short term.

    I  read once that MS tracks customer support calls to developers code and fires the coders who rank high #s of support cost. Is there any truth to that?

    Whether it's the case or no, I surely would prefer to see MS shipping things *right* than fast.

    This 'blogsite' is a prime example of design run amok while ignoring the basics. Why the hell is the core content delivered in AV streams? supposedly we're engineers, how about putting the content out as *text* with html available for those who want to add formatting for readability?