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RSS on Channel 9

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    We use RSS on Channel 9 at multiple levels.  I wrote a weblog entry this morning that exlains where we use it and where we are headed. 

    In retrospect, I probably should have used the Wiki for this, appreciate your feedback on where we head with RSS on Channel 9.

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    One of the features I'd love Channel 9 to implement is a What's New page. I've found forum threads I've participated in get pushed down due to the volume of users on the site. This makes maintaining debates and expressing opinion difficult.

    Each thread on the forums has its own RSS feed, which is a great feature. So how about, for each user, we have an OPML file. In this OPML are listed all the RSS files for the forum threads the user has participated within, or has marked to "watch".

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    Is it just me, or is it late for med, or CH9,
    where do I post a new message in this forum?

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    spiderLab wrote:
    where do I post a new message in this forum?

    Hey SpiderLab,

    You can only post replies to the Echo Chamber, Videos and Moblog sections of this site.  

    If you want to create a new thread the Coffehouse is the place to do that.  You can access the Coffeehouse by selecting the Forums tab in our global navigation.

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