If you want to produce good quality code in VBA do the following:

- Option Explicit (From the start!)
- NO ERROR CONTROL! (Do not use error control to avoid making things correctly..)
- Goto is banned.

If you follow these simple instructions you've already got a fairly good standard of code.. then just write.. optimize... test... write... optimize...

Look at this:

Open sz For Input As #7
 THISLIN$ = "**END**"
 On Error Resume Next
 Line Input #7, THISLIN$
 If THISLIN$ = "**END**" Then Exit Do
 If THISLIN$ <> "" Then
 End If

If ERRLINS > 0 Then IMPERR$ = " (Import errors: " & ERRLINS & ")"
Label1 = "Status: IDLE  (" & ListView1.ListItems.Count & " ranges)" & IMPERR$

Some of the variables where defined.. but worse is the use of error control to handle the EOF! Here is how it SHOULD have been done:

Dim FreeStream%, THISLIN$
FreeStream = FreeFile
Open sz For Input As FreeStream

Do while NOT EOF(FreeStream)
 Line Input #FreeStream, THISLIN$
 If NOT THISLIN = "" Then
 End If

Label1.caption = "Status: IDLE  (" & ListView1.ListItems.Count & " ranges)"

This is before any error control (non-release). The code fragment is from a semi-popular application that a couple of Channel 9 users are probably running.. that is how poor some VBA coders program.