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"The Crew" and "Online Users" section has to go!

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    James Steele

    "The Crew" and the "Online Users" panels on the left hand side of the site get very annoying when a lot of users are logged in. Not to mention it chews up a lot of real-estate as well. An option in the menu to view this information would suffice.


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    I agree. Cute as they may (arguably) be, they're never going to work with more than a couple of dozen on-line users.

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    No keep it up, it makes the site interesting and reminds us that their are other people who have no social life either.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We'll probably re-architect the UI a bit here and there, but what we do will be based on what you want. Something tells me that modifications will be made to the Crew and Online panels in the near future and these changes will be useful for everybody while preserving real estate and limiting the need to scroll so much!

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    I think the feature of knowing who is on line is important, however I agree that the information shouldn't be transfered via every page request. Perhaps a separate page could be requested (feature controlled by user) that would update itself on an interval. It would run independent of the main ui and be turned on and off at the users request.

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    maybe an option to turn them off could be in order?!

    it doesn't bother me because i like seeing the pictures but i can see how it could bother others

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    He has some good points it will take the main page alot of time loading- Most websites list the numbers of users logged in with a link to see who is online- once that link is clicked it is then you would want to see all the people and thier pictures loading.

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    Michael Elsdoerfer

    I also think that a possibility to see who's currently online is important, but the current solution just needs to much space.

    My suggestion would be removing the pictures and show only the names of the onlne users.

    And as the crew is not really important (*g*), maybe place it on a separate page.

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    have it like this for the front page, but for everywhere else (like forums) have it along the bottom of the page (Near the copyright) with the option to turn it off completely.

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    Another way to make it less painful would be to allow users to set a scale factor for all the images.  Personally, I'd like to set it to about 50% of the current size for both "The Crew", "Online Users" and the images in the forums.

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