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View Thread: How to easily make Windows free: Idea?
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    jamie wrote:
    but i run 2 cracked versions as i dont like the invation of privacy

    My address is 3 Corley ave Toronto - I run 2 of the infamous "leaked corp builds or XP pro - BUT I OWN 2 boxed versions of XPpro Smiley

    If what you say is true.. Then your telling me you trust some random 'crackers' more than you do Microsoft?! I mean, these people make a living cracking legitimate software and selling it. They are not the most trustworthy individuals. It wouldn't shock me if there was a virus/Trojan/spyware in those versions.

    ALSO, it is illegal to run those versions EVEN if you own a completely legitimate copy. I mean, if you have a copy of a movie (which someone filmed in the cinema) and own the DVD, it doesn't make the cinema version any more legal. So the fact that you own the legal version is irrelevant..