So... to re-cap..  see what you are up against?

Making Windows betas free ( even with a 6 month clock) with no subspription of any kind ( but also no source code) - would at least give developers a fast no hoops to jump through avenue to getting betas.

I know i got my longhorn through - not some subscription thing... and i love windows!

I also have 2 licenced versions of XP - but i run 2 cracked versions as i dont like the invation of privacy.

Perhaps you may want to look back to Win95/98.

They were 90 bucks canadian ( not 300 dollars canadain like XP) they had NO activation / snooping / monitoring and they were probably the most popular products youve ever released.

Why cant longhorn go back to this.  Make it no-obtrusive and cheaper and people will upgrade in droves. Corp users dont want XP for all above reasons - despite your new ad campaign to convice them otherwise.