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View Thread: How to easily make Windows free: Idea?
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    Dear Clemens,

       I'm sure everyone appreciates the fact that you want to make a living - however, there are more important things in life than standing in line to get a slim piece of pie delegated by some buerocratic ruling body. Complain all you like about 21-year-olds being impatient, here's the bottom line:

    The world needs a few good monks.

    Please allow me to explain. I can't say I know ANY of the names of the monk's who went blind transcribing scripture by candle light throughout the middle ages, however I can assure you that the impact on society was much greater than if any of them had had their 2.3 kids, 2 horses in every stable or what-have-you.

    I fear that you may have become so short sighted and so dulled and worn by re-inventing someone else's wheel that you've lost sight of the big picture. To an open source developer, the future is what matters. Open source developers are thinking asymtotically. The only refuge your thoughts console are your own - neglecting all but the immediate future. I mean this with no dis-respect.

    One day we will all be dead and there will be very little of us to be rememebred by. Some prefer to be remembered by being part of a free system that will liberate the world from life-wasting man-built beurocracies. Not unlike the mindset of others in the past who have dedicated their lives to higher callings.

    If you dedicated your 20's to a higher calling and spent the rest of your life serving yourself, at least you helped.

    You can start a family and roll the dice there, but chances are you're not going to do anything earth-shattering. If you have reduced yourself to a roll of supporting a family, why are you doing it by writing code? You may as well be fixing cars, or serving fast-food. Truly, those short-sighed many have stripped away the beauty of all that is good and noble in their profession - that is the expression of your internal desires - written philosophy. No one can help these people become great because they have doomed themselves to metiocrity - so it's only consistant that they distance themselves from other larger, noble goals. I don't mean this as a personal attack, but an analysis that much of the bell curve conforms to.

    I won't hear any cries about the importance of your children or wife, because quite honestly, there's another 1.5 billion families out there just like you preaching the same tattered story. Perhaps if you're lucky, one of your children will break that cycle and start a revolution. Otherwise you'll blend into the forescape of static; toward the center of the bell curve, doomed to breed normality.

    Regarding your quote:
    "The whole thing about 'free software' is a lie." You're flat out wrong. Apache beats the pants off of IIS, and mySQL is right on par with Transact SQL (I won't call it SQL Server, because Microsoft hija... ahem... "embraced" that term already). I can download them right now - for free as in freedom.

    Freedom is more than good, it's liberating.