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View Thread: How to easily make Windows free: Idea?
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    This is getting off track and you clearly took my original posting the wrong way. I never said it was fact. These are things I have heard/read/seen. Notice how I said that it could be called a conspiracy theory if thats what you want to call it.

    Even before the allegid memo, rumors had been flying about such deals. And as a note, Open Source !== slashdot.

    And as I stated before, there have been no valid entries of proof that linux is in violation of SCO IP. When/If there is, then so be it, those portions can be removed/altered and again linux is (F/f)ree.

    Now to actually get this thread back on its original track; I do think MS offering their older versions of their different OS's would be a good idea. Windows95? They aren't making any more money off of that. Windows 98? Nope, maybe remnants here and there. NT, probably not. Their cash cows are their newest products.