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View Thread: How to easily make Windows free: Idea?
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    Shining Arcanine

    jamie wrote:
    i agree with Akaina - no matter how "political" or "emotional" that post may seem to Microsoftites - its really is a speading fire..

    people want to technology to free them and are willing to participate to make it so.  The mere fact OSS exists must scare the parts off you..

    I cant use it ( no apps) but the second ONE app - is only avail on Linux and no Win - that i want - that will be it..  thats - Dual boot stage..

    Imagine if - for lack of better example - ill use long awaited game Doom3.. imagine if - ID released it ONLY for Linux. Only. THat was it. ( Of course they couldnt - cause the are a big company = sharesholders) - but pretending they did - there would be ALOT of new linux installs going on.

    Sooner or later - a developer who wants to be heard or noticed - will come up with that app - and - if as emotionally or politically based as above comment is his/her slant - it will be a linux only release.

    Perhaps there already is a "killer linux app" ( apart from the internet and email lol)

    but so far those still run on windows

    * this all comes back to the Google OS post - its all about trust

    trust your customers
    make longhorn "free" as in unrestricted in anyway

    heck id pay DOUBLE

    ( now that would be a good poll: would you pay more for a windows that was totally free!!!"

    i WOULD

    Sooner or later, Open Source will no longer exist as Capitalism will destory it as it is doing to Communist China. So anyway, I think Microsoft's current stance on Open Source is great and they should keep it up.