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View Thread: How to easily make Windows free: Idea?
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    "Sooner or later, Open Source will no longer exist as Capitalism will destory it as it is doing to Communist China. So anyway, I think Microsoft's current stance on Open Source is great and they should keep it up."

    The difference between Communism and Free software is that Communism failed because it squelched individual enumeration - it marginalized the individual. It stopped people from achieving 'more'. Open source software allows people to do 'more' - it's the closed source stuff you have to pay for that limits what you can and cannot do; even neglecting budget constraints. That is why Open Source will win, for the same reason Capitalism won; because it gives people the ability to do more with less.

    Microsoft has a choice to make (in the long term) - adapt and survive, or collapse under its own weight. FUD will only get you so far. Eventually you have to prove you can offer more than the collective consciousness of geeks around the world. That's a tall order, even for Microsoft. Eventually some rogue genius is going to come along... or an entire army of them...

    Offtopic: This board is such a great forum for these types of discussions. Mad props go out to the whole channel 9 crew. You guys are excellent! Microsoft is really showing some good faith here.