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The Guardian (UK) Snippet on Channel 9

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    I've scanned the little article on Channel 9 for anyone who's interested...good to see this place getting some column inches Wink:

    Meet Microsoft
    “How therapeutic would it be for people to meet us?” That was the question posed by five Microsoft developers in setting up their new home for holding conversations customers and other developers: Channel 9. Perhaps the best place start looking at this site is the video of the five guys in question shooting the breeze about what they want Channel 9 to be. It’s all a tad forced but it could be an interesting forum.

    It’s impressive that Microsoft has given its employees what appears be such a free hand, and Channel a truly multimedia affair, featuring videos of interviews with other Microsoft workers, wikis, moblogs and discussion boards all playing a part in building a conversation with users. Whether the site will prove just little too worthy for Microsoft users to really let rip with their true feelings, only time will tell.

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    Wow, thanks man! 

    We picked up the online version from our feedster feed but this is great to see the real deal in ink and paper. Thanks for thinking of us!


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    I just got home after a trip to NYC and I found a copy of yesterdays NY Post on the train.
    on page 34 I see a photo of Billy G;

    Company blogs aim for newspaper end run

    Channel 9 is a news blog, or online diary run by Microsoft programmers.   They quote Robert Scoble, then they quote ME, but attribute it to Microsoft....use it out of context.....but just to see my words in the NY Post, says something about whatever is going on here....

    So as they say never believe ANYTHING you read in the newspaper!

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