I gotta say i am really having a hard time with this release.  Its a land grab is what it is

Here's my review:

The Good:
- Security settings in one panel

The bad:
- no cross frame scripting on local domain
- simple little scripts - like "Click here to make this your homepage" are blocked

- WAY TOO MANY - this page is blocked from running because your using - what usually amounts to - a non- MS sanctioned way of doing something ie; css with graphics, .js includes etc

- the removal of kiosk mode interfaces
this is my main one. I do alot of these - full screen windows-ish interfaces - but now - they all error, or when they do finally open ( after getting through the Pop up blocker) they add a top toolbar - and usually the status bar - even if it is turned off.

This is only a land grab = NO more making full screen interfaces that cover windows ( like you could do since IE4 )

I cant use mozilla for this very reason - when i need full screen - i DONT WANT A TOOL BAR.

Serive Pack 2 is the worst thing i have ever seen come out of a supposed user friendly company. It completely makes it impossible to do what you COULD before.

I want to remove it

i hate security excuses for land grab decreaced functionality and freedom

** cue the 20 replies about how important security is

** the web worked just fine for last 6 years - withOUT this ( buy Adaware and Spybot and stick that in windows - but dont take away my ability to do what i want - SP2 = a big NO finger pointing at you ALL DAY as you try to build stuff)