jamie wrote:
[quote user="Shining Arcanine"]

Personally, I don't want developers to be empowered to make it impossible for me to leave their website.

Most people hate it when webpages hijack Internet Explorer, you are the only person that I have ever known that likes it.

>> What if you arnt "highjacking" anything?
What if its clear - you are launching a full screen window. This was a feature that is now gone...correct?

Launching a full screen is hijacking.

jamie wrote:
..guess youd have to love windows so much - youd want to emulate it - and spend your spare time making interfaces that appear to boot - and "appear" to have a startbar, browser. media player - all in dhtml and html jscript - only to have the functionality REMOVED on you

so ya i agree

sob sob sob

I'd just use Windows.