jamie wrote:
all i know - as someone interested in using IE to do stuff - that maybe it wasnt meant to do - but did FLAWLESSLY - well all that was usually interface specific stuff and its mostly been removed.

If there was another browser that offered it - i gotta say for first time in my life - id look at switching

The interface specific stuff is a security issue. I'm not quite sure how could prefer a less secure browser to a more secure browser.

jamie wrote:
* I talked alot with Ben Slivka during the ie3/4 years and chris jones in ie5 years

this stuff was really developer empowering stuff
- but ya i guess "goofs" could use it for bad purposes..

Personally, I don't want developers to be empowered to make it impossible for me to leave their website.

jamie wrote:
Still think there could have been other ways rather than removing developer features

Most people hate it when webpages hijack Internet Explorer, you are the only person that I have ever known that likes it.

jamie wrote:
and i also do think your top brass wanted this stuff gone - not so much for security - but so that - say Google couldnt make its web site - a full screen interface - covering Win desktop

I don't work for Microsoft but I think that if Google did that, there would be a mass exodus to MSN and Yahoo.