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View Thread: Does anyone else not like Service pack 2?
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    What a pathetic sob story.

    Basically what you're saying is "waahhh, my poorly-written, counter-intuitive, obstructive applications are broken with SP2, therefore SP2 sucks!"

    The people who will complain most are webmasters and web developers who are trying to dupe or take advantage of the user, or are simply using the wrong tools to accomplish the task at hand.  Abritrarily taking over a user's entire screen should NEVER be something that anybody out on the Internet is capable of doing with one line of code.  Never, ever, ever.  People who want to present a "full-screen interface" will have to provide a software download (ActiveX, EXE, or MSI) from now on -- this is a good thing, since it requires user action to ensure that something like this is actually what the user wants.