as stated above - SP2 is bugging me to reboot.  I let it as that is its default setting:

Its witching hour - late night - its bugging me to re-boot -- so after 3 "buggings" i decide to let it to do it - to help me prove my point: - please witness the following:

1. My desktop - - open coreldraw - draw a box - DO NOT SAVE

2. open msn mess and media player - open window and start pink floyd album

here is that:

ok - so this time - i let the ms thing reboot auto SP2 thing do what it wants

Wants to reboot - hands off - :

it will at least not reboot - IF I FORGOT TO SAVE MY WORK RIGHT???


it reboots
in the middle of night
all work lost

poo on SP2 - i want a shirt haha