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View Thread: Does anyone else not like Service pack 2?
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    Shining Arcanine

    jamie wrote:
    The bad:
    - no cross frame scripting on local domain
    - simple little scripts - like "Click here to make this your homepage" are blocked

    That is the idea. It increases security. Do you know that javascripts can change your homepage without your knowledge?

    jamie wrote:
    - WAY TOO MANY - this page is blocked from running because your using - what usually amounts to - a non- MS sanctioned way of doing something ie; css with graphics, .js includes etc

    When I was running XP SP2 RC1, I didn't come across any of these issues. I use CSS (hacked so that IE would display it properly) with Graphics on my website, IE 6.02 had no problems with it unless you take its poor CSS support (which keeps me from doing advanced things) into consideration.

    jamie wrote:
    - the removal of kiosk mode interfaces
    this is my main one. I do alot of these - full screen windows-ish interfaces - but now - they all error, or when they do finally open ( after getting through the Pop up blocker) they add a top toolbar - and usually the status bar - even if it is turned off.

    Until today, I've never heard of Kiosk interfaces and if a method they use can be used for mal intent, I'm glad to see them go.

    jamie wrote:
    This is only a land grab = NO more making full screen interfaces that cover windows ( like you could do since IE4

    I cant use mozilla for this very reason - when i need full screen - i DONT WANT A TOOL BAR.)

    This prevents malicious webpages from taking over the screen. Whether or not you like it, it had to go. Mozilla did the same thing to prevent malicious webpages from taking over the screen.

    jamie wrote:
    Serive Pack 2 is the worst thing i have ever seen come out of a supposed USER FRIENDLY company. It completely makes it impossible to do what you COULD before.)

    Making it difficult to do things to other people's computers is the idea. You cannot easily hack into the average person's computer anymore.

    jamie wrote:
    i hate security excuses for land grab decreaced functionality and freedom

    If someone were to hack into your computer and use it in DDOS attacks causing your ISP to shut down your internet connection or steal your identity, I think you would be singing a different tune.

    Just my 2 cents.