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View Thread: Does anyone else not like Service pack 2?
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    Shining Arcanine

    jamie wrote:
    how can you go from being for the USER - into being SECURE without contradicting 20 years of MS stregnth? - allow user to DO WHAT THEY WANT unencumbered

    People building homes did it. Before they didn't have locks on the doors, now they do. So now people have to insert a key to get into their houses. Big deal.

    jamie wrote:
    That's not really in SP2... but I could see how you could be easily be mistaken by the removal of many user / client side things that were always there before but now have been disallowed.

    That is why I'm jumping for joy over Service Pack 2. It makes things difficult, for hackers, to hack into computers.

    Lwatson wrote:
    So now you are saying that because I chose poorly and did not save my work before I went to bed that the power going off that night would be SP2's fault? The results would be the same, whatever I worked on would be gone. Now I will be the first to agree that windows perpensity to reboot at the drop of a hat is an annoyance that gets tiresome but if you have automatic updates happening then you must understand that the reboot is coming. We are talking about windows here.

    Longhorn is supposed to eliminate reboots.