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Does anyone else not like Service pack 2?

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    Wiseman wrote:
    also i hate Trustworthy Computing

    that why I won't download sp2 because it got NGSBC.

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    Jackco wrote:
    Wiseman wrote:also i hate Trustworthy Computing

    that why I won't download sp2 because it got NGSBC.

    Where'd you hear that, Slashdot?  NGSCB is not in XP SP2 in any appreciable fashion, and besides, it requires hardware for the full effect.  What are you frightened of, anyhow?

    Sheesh... Whine, whine, WHINE!  Is that all people know how to do?  First people * about MS software is insecure -- so, taking the criticism to heart, MS embarks on a major company-wide initiative, delaying most of their product releases in the process, and they spend a lot of time making their software secure... and then people * about that too!

    Get over it.  XP SP2 is going to be better and more secure and more stable than anything MS has put out in the past... if you're going to ignore this so you can continue with the clue-free vitriol, so be it, but you've lost any right to ever again complain about Microsoft's security practices. 

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    Another idiot who claims Microsoft can make a connection to your computer and delete all the illegal software on it, or claim that Windows XP contains spyware because it uses your internet connection to synchronize the time.

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    You Should actually do more than put it here. Report it as a bug and I am sure the XPSP2 team will take your concerns more into consideration.


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