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    Windows!  Having spent weeks trying to hook up an Epson 3-in-1 printer/fax/copier to a Linux box has put me off FREEWARE and CHEAPWARE forever.  I don't denigrate the socialist/eutopia/idealistic bent of the Linux adherents.  They have their axe to grind -- and grind they must.  Being beholden to a single megacorp has its downside.  Probably a second and third competitors to Microsoft would be an advantage to buyers in the marketplace.  However, like the telephone and electric companies, Microsoft make products that turn Microsoft into a natural monopoly.  Lots of software Microsoft has created could have been designed differently.  Opinions will always differ.  However, in the end, it only matters that it has been implemented one way -- the de facto standard way -- and people adapt to that.  If it breaks and costs serious money to business people then Microsoft steps in to correct the problem.  With Linux, YOU are left holding the bag.  This is not a huge problem for small shops that can hire and retain a Linux guru for whom awk and grep are mother's milk.  The megacorp customers of Microsoft need Microsoft's loving arms in case bad things happen.  Apple produces fine products that everybody tells me is comprehensible to casual users.  If that is true then Microsoft can and should take lessons from Apple and make their products easier to use, more forgiving, and more informative when things go wrong.  Linux is good in the small -- e.g. the company that only needs to host a small volume web site or ftp site.  Microsoft is good in the large.