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View Thread: New Avalon developer preview released
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    HOOAH... i can't wait to download it and try it a little...

    Hey... BUT... either i start write some code and get some skills on it... i can't write a "real-world-business" application on it until Longhorn is released, or am i wrong? So it just doesn't come out with the VS2005, right?

    That will hard to teach to my CEO... i can hear he shouting in my ears: "man! stop loosing your time on this s**t! you have to be productive NOW!"

    What i'll say is that: yes that's really great but, in the best prediction, we'll use this holy new dev-platform in 2006/7... that's really frustration ;-(.

    Anyway, hip hip hurra to MS. Thanks to let us loosing our time use this fantastic things Wink.