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Managed Shell Extensions

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    Will Whidbey version of .Net include some managed APIs for Windows Shell Extensions? It could be lovely to have "native" versions of these apis!

    Thanks guys... this is my first post...
    Let's the see the MS Guys talking Big Smile

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    Sorry Rafa, no plans in Whidbey, but we are doing a ton in this space for LH... what specifically do you want to do?

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    Question, isn't managed code slower? If you stick it into the operating system and various other tools won't that reduce overall execution time.

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    Sry the late!
    I'm here...
    So, I have some ideias of using Shell Extensions, but I'm not proficient C/C++ programmer, and also doesn't have much knowledge about Interoping in .Net...
    I got some samples of Wrappers written in C#, but I found it hard to implement... Anyways it works..
    I asked because I believe it could be a welcome api in our .Net CLR...

    I read a lot about Longhorn... Interesting how you're enabling us to extend the user interface with the Tiles... So I think we'll have god support for extending user interface in LH, could it be more powerfull than shell extensions, since LH is being built in the .Net Core... interesting..
    But i'm sad to know that these easy extend features will not be available in Whidbey...

    The question about performance is interesting...
    Managed Code is usually slower than Native right? How this is going to be addressed in LH?
    Thanks for replying...

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