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    1. Turned out it was my strongest subject on my degree course. When graduating I looked around one company directly related to my degree, found it deadly dull & slow paced.

    2. Superb problem solving skills. Numerate degree, probably better off not being CS. Technical apptitude. Communication skills/experiance working with intelligent, demanding people.

    3., Excel, SQl Server, Bloomberg, Oracle, Windows and good old VB6.

    4. In my line of work, no need. If I was a contractor there's contractor association that would be advantagous to join.

    5. Currently i'm a one technology man band. So analysis, design, code, debug, test, release and project manage myself.

    6. Problem solving challenge, working with intelligent people, (& being realy honest) the money.

    7. Right this minute. My commute to work takes too long. Over my career... office politics. Had to totaly shaft someone once over a minor infringement they made. Punishment didn't fit the crime. However, truth is, they put themselves in the situation by playing the office politics badly.

    8. Only going to allow myself one piece of advice. Never, ever, ever... forget where the money that is put into your bank account every month cames from. That money comes from your users, in my particular case they go out and literaly make the money that pays my wages. Never get distracted by IT senior management, or wizz-bang new technology, or fashionable technology, or re-coding something a better way (you think). Your users always come first.

    9. A very large bonus and access to anything that would make me more productive.

    10. approx 55.

    11. salary + bonus.