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    ( sorry, didn't see u've closed the questionairre...i'll leave it up now i've written it )...

    1. What interested you in this field of work?
    i got bought a zx80 ( )
    when i was 10 and got hooked.

    2. What requirements do you need to have a position in this field?
    an interest in the field, good problem solving skills. programming experience in whatever capacity ( hobby, school projects etc ) really helps. I have no formal cs training so it's not mandatory...

    3. What software programs do you need to know in this field?

    personally what i need to know currently :c / c++ / c# , sql, asm ( for debugging mainly ). win32 , os stuff, v2 framework, indigo.

    From a general perspective i'd say you're going to be programmign in a fair variety of languages over a career ( there tends to be a shift every decade or so ). Currently GC'd OO langs seem to be popular so one of c# or java might be good. It always helps to know the assembly language for the machines you're targetting, though you'll probably use it in debugging mainly..

    4. Do you belong to any professional organizations?
    yes, but unrelated ( maths stuff )

    5. What duties do you have during a typical day?
    depends.some days its coding all day, some it's writing docs, meetings. investigations. depends on where we are in the cycle. currently we are early on in design / early m1 coding so it's more of the latter ...i spent the day prototyping our logging infrastructure as a specific example ( + one obligitory meeting as i was in the office Smiley )

    6. What do you like the most about your job?
    i really like building stuff in code so that's cool.. ms is very flexible with how when you work so i like the env also..

    7.  What do you like the least about your job?
    setup coding...especially in a localized environment ( shudder ). ship stopper bugs ( i had one for windows this monday which sucked... )

    8. What advice would you give to a student entering this field?
    be interested. know your algorithms well. prepare to always be learning..

    9. Are there any perks with the job you have?
    yeah - free drinks Smiley, starbucks downstairs,...ability to work when and where i want( within reason ).

    10. How many hours per week do you work?
    probably 50 or so, but it's kind of personal choice - i could probably get away with 40 but tend to want to finsih things when i start

    11. Do you get paid hourly, salary, or by project?
    salary. percentage of project worth would be cool Smiley

    12. Any additional comments
    prepare to be shunned at parties somewhat - for some reason potential partners don't find our profession glamorous Smiley