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Wich Tool are you using for reading RSS Feeds?

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    Jaz wrote:
    RSS Bandit, though i'd like to goto NewsGator, maybe i should make my own version for free.

    I use it too... I just want a few things from my RSS reader in the future. (In particular RSS Bandit)

    1) Optional itegration with Outlook
    2) Ability to read newsgroups
    3) When I select "Blog This" it blogs only a link and not the full text of the entry

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    I'm using Newsgator.  Got the free online version as well so I can keep them up on multiple machines.  133 feeds.  I don't read them all per se, I use LookOut and search for the info I'm interested at any given time.  Don't hav the time to sit and read it all all the time.  This setup works very well for me.

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    nelsonha wrote:
    I use the Sage RSS extension in Firefox.  I'm very happy with it.  The easiest RSS reader I've used.  It has auto-discovery of RSS feeds.  It supports RSS .92,1.0,2.0 and Atom.

    Same here. =)
    NewsGator works really well with Outlook too.

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    Well, I like to keep it simple, (KISS?). Deepnet Explorer.

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    I've been using Sharpreader since March. I've tried RSS Bandit and BlogExpress since then, but still prefer Sharpreader overall. Sharpreader will parse malformed XML (BlogExpress just skips over those feeds) and supports plugins. There aren't many plugins for it, but I made one to bookmark blog posts which I use quite often.

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    if you read the update feeds for RSS Bandit, dare tells us that newsgroup ability is coming very soon.  there are quite a few nice updates to RSS Bandit coming soon though.

    however heres one i'm really pushing for now, RSS Aggregator intergrated into MSN Messenger, i think it would be perfect.

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    I've been using Sharpreader, but I just switched to Bloglines because you can search your feeds, and I think it lets me read a large number of feeds faster.

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    I just wrote up a new version of the "Blog This" plug-in for RSS Bandit.

    You can use it to replace the existing one and it's configurable to allow only blogging the link.

    That solves #3.  RSS Bandit's next version will have #2.  No plans for #1 yet.

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    What NewzCrawler will do for me?

    With help of the NewzCrawler you'll be able to:

    • Read news from various sources: ATOM, RSS, RDF, Usenet Newsgroups (NNTP), Web (HTTP);
    • Compose messages with full-featured WYSIWYG editor and post them to your weblog on any Blogger, Metaweblog, MovableType or LiveJournal API supporting website;
    • Browse actual news articles in the web using built-in browser;
    • Keep informed about the most recent news in elegant manner with News Ticker and News Balloon;
    • Synchronize news content using permanent or dial-up connection;
    • Email interesting news and web pages to your friends;
    • Search for news by keywords;
    • Organize news channels in a fully customizable tree structure;
    • Use MS Agent characters for speech synthesis.

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    Feed Demon, I will try all these out there, seems everyone has found their own little client they love.

    Microsoft should make one++

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    We already have a fine "RSS Reader" thread on the front page: go there instead

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