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View Thread: 3 years later - no change on thread views
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    You go to C9.... you post something.  Maybe no one replies. Maybe many people do.  Who knows?  Before -  at least you could count on seeing how many people - at least - read what you posted.

    Was it worth it? Was it worth your time - to go to C9 and post that idea, or critique or whatever?  
    Before, we could at least see the views ( _post_  258 views)  No replies?  Fine.


    But at least that post was worth writing.  200 people read it.

    It also helps weed out BAD posts (like this one!) Smiley

    If views are low - the thread is bad Dont waste your time

    Seems like you got to wait days now for responses. not like before.  but all this came with last update of site - remember that? 3-4 yrs ago? the bathroom color c9 ver - that we enjoy today?

    merry Christmas!  lol