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    "And why are you automatically assuming that a Macintosh is a poor choice for gamers? That seems to be your opinion there and a true"

    Leo said not to buy a mac for gaming but buy a xbox for games and a mac for everything else... however the caller continued to request information on a gaming PC not a mac. Leo refused to give him more than mac sales information.

    "First off, Do you have a copy of Leo's contract with TechTV that states he MUST be unbiased?"

    Do you have one that says he should be... No need for you to be a idiot.

    "Leo was allowed to resign (and he resigned ON HIS OWN WILL) because (quoted from Leo's Weblog"

    They had Leo step down from The Screen Savers as host one week before this happened, then pulled the rug out from below his feet and not want to renew his contract.

    If they loved his MAC SALES PITCHES they would of wanted to keep him on both shows and work out any contract problems. THEY HAD NO INTEREST in working with him or they would of found a way of keeping him.

    His choice was to give up stock options or not get a new contract. He didn't want to give up the options and so they say bye bye.... this has nothing to do with them cutting him down to one show a week earlier.

    Leo is gone and its better for the viewers.