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    Leo is not Howard stern. Howard Stern has a talk radio show..They talk about all sorts of subjects. Leo is not paid to talk about all sorts of subject matter.

    If you must put this in radio terns (Your Howard Stern example) Leo is more like a DJ on a POP station. Leo would be paid to play top 40 music in a percentage of mostly Pop (like windows 95% market share), R&B (like Linux 3.4% market share) and Country (Like macs current 1.6% market share - as reported in "e-week and other publications".

    Now most listers on "pop" stations tune in for "pop" music (not all that different than how people tune into "call" for help to listen to calls and make calls).

    Now Leo is like a DJ who is a skilled man on the Mic but the problem is Leo is like a Country DJ working on the pop station. It's not like hes a bad DJ but he likes Country music and in his heart its all he wants to promote.
    Then he goes out of the way to talk about country stars and play country music all the time, despite the POP market share being 95%. This is quite similar to how Leo likes to talk about mac all the time.

    A Little country music on the pop station is OK. Its true upon occasion a country song makes it to the pop charts but you can bet that if the pop DJ would start playing country like Leo talks about apple the program director would have him off the air.

    Howard stern is a "SHOCK JOCK" LEO is a HOST.

    A better example would be comparing Leo to a Food Network cooking show host. A host on a cooking show show that is supposed to cook a variety of meals that appeal to 95% of the population (viewers) 95% of the time.

    Now in my example Leo is like a vegetation (mac user), a vegetation who pushes his beliefs of being a vegetarian all the time. Putting down meat eaters (windows users) and over glorifying being a vegetarian. Going out of his way to push his minority beliefs on others.

    Bottom line - LEO IS GONE AND I'M HAPPY. Let Leo host a mac only show.