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    you must be a Macfanboy.

    You said "That kid asked for an opinion and got it."

    He ask Leo what PC would be a good gaming PC not would it be better to buy a console.

    Leo refused to suggest any gaming PC as macs make poor choices for gamers and he was not in the mood to suggest anything PC.. He wanted the kid to buy a mac even though it was not what he wanted.

    The kid never said should I buy a mac, He said repeatably I want to buy a gaming PC and Leo was unprofessional and kept going on with mac plugs.

    you said: "That was all Leo's opinion. In the example above someone called into Leo's show"

    NO they called in to CALL FOR HELP a show LEO works for. ITS NOT THE LEO OPINION HOUR... again he asked for what PC to buy not is mac better for gaming etc.

    *** THE BOTTOM LINE ***

    Leo is paid to work on and be the speaking voice of call for help. He is paid to answer questions in a fair and non biased way.

    LEO IS NOT :

    1. Paid to to and Sell a apple a day.
    2. Paid to answer Windows callers with mac answers
    3. Paid to be BIAS and slam windows and over glorify apple.

    AND now due to LEOS POOR PERFORMANCE they didn't want to work with him on his contract and the let him go.

    LEO IS GONE FROM TECHTV and TECHTV will be better off for it.

    PS. In other words if Techtv management didn't agree with me LEO would still be employed at Techtv.