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    miamijjs wrote:
    Do you have one that says he should be... No need for you to be a idiot ... (truncated) ... Leo is gone and its better for the viewers.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All I see here is somebody who seems to think the world revolves around their ideas and when they are faced with facts contradicting their statements, the resort to childish name-calling. Once again I ask you to take this off the list. I iinvite you to email me privately, so we can discuss this as adults. apparently the email icon under my avatar is a little hard for you to grasp, so I will be gracious enough to give you my email here: . If you can bring yourself to a professional level and discuss the facts, not wildly skewed opinions, I welcome your reply. Also, try to have some respect for persons who go out and risk their lives so you can have the freedom to call people idiots or macfanboys (a really childish name if I've ever heard one). And in closing, No, I do not have a copy of Leo LaPorte's contract, however I don't think a person of his caliber would violate a contract if it did state he must be unbiased. It's a call-in show, not the 5pm News. Howard Stern isn't required nor expected to be unbiased, and neither was Leo LaPorte.