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    miamijjs wrote:
    OK let me make this one real clear....

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Some like PC and Some Like Mac and thats healthy and good. If someone is in Compusa looking at macs a customer has the right to tell the other customer they like the macs or not..** AGAIN...FREE SPEECH IS GOOD! 

    ** however **

    Someone who is being paid to be a fair and impartial reporter on a computer show should be fair and unbiased. This means not to slam all products he personally doesn't like and over glorify products he does.

    That's just it; Leo wasn't a reporter, he was a call-in show host. Big difference between the two.

    This is not the "LEO personal opinion show" - He WAS paid to be the host of a show called "CALL FOR HELP".

    One day a kid called in who clearly stated he wanted a "gaming PC" and wanted advice on what PC to purchase. Leo came back with "BUY A MAC AND X-BOX" the call held his ground saying he wanted to buy a PC  and Leo said he "hated PCs and would still buy the x-box". The caller said he didn't want to do console gaming and wanted to play multi player on line PC games and Leo continued to act like a QVC sales man pushing apple.

    Leo has made comments like "apple users are the Shepperds and Windows users are the sheep" and "I HATE WINDOWS". All of this is not too professional for a computer show that should cater to ALL computer users and not just "slam windows and over glorify apple" - Leos personal agenda.

    I use PC, Linux and apple and they all have some good points but MY POINT is Leo needs to act like a host and not a MAC salesman.

    If you see Leo in the supermarket and he says apples great thats fine but don't "STOP the show" to pull out the ibook while answering a windows question.

    LEO is a good speaker but really needs to stay on a ALL MAC SHOW... We all know thats where his heart is.

    That was all Leo's opinion. In the example above someone called into Leo's show and asked for his opinion. He didn't ask Leo to give him the latest reviews on products; he called in asking for Leo's advice. That kid asked for an opinion and got it.

    Yes I've listened to Leo say Windows users are sheep, but you're really a sheep if you listen to that and believe it as 100% truth. That's Leo's opinion....not yours.