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    What is techtv? The mac fanboys piss me off too. So do the linux fanboys... and the MS fanboys... everyone pissed me off. It's a freakin machine! Use it or don't use it. But really, it's human nature to pick your pony and talk down the rest. I can understand your issue with someone taking their pony show onto (whatever techtv is, sorry, I never watch tv). I personally prefer my Powermac to my windows box, or either of my linux boxen though. I only turn them on when I feel like dicking with the things. My Mac is just on. It just works (as the marketing crap alledges). In terms of price to performance, I have had no problems when playing Unreal, and other than graphically intense things, 2 gigs of processing power is more than enough (although I think I will shell out for a G5). The price is... well... it's like this. My Mac costs only a few hundred dollars more than a comparable PC (dual 1G G4, 1G Ram, dual video, DVD-R/CD-RW, etc), but I honestly haven't spent 30 minutes trouble-shooting things in the year and a half I've owned it, and used it daily. By comparison, between my son's XP Home box, and my wife's XP Pro box, I can't go a week without having to fix / reinstall something. Not to mention the lack of processing power they give up the the anti-virus software (I agree, MS is targeted more, and MacOSX is comparably succeptible). But hey... the real reason I switched to Mac was MS business practice's... the decrease in frustration was a *HUGE* benefit that I did not anticipate. Ok, I've gone way off topic now, and seem to have put on one of those fanboy hats.... L8!