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    Would you care to share the exact location you gathered the information you used in your statement where you say Microsoft Windows has 95% market share, Linux has 3.4%, and the Mac OS has a 1.6% market share? --- Take this for example, from an unbiased source: "I've concluded that any proclamations about "market share must be taken with a grain of salt. Until a reputable research company can provide figures that measure the computer industry with install base dynamics, everything else is meaningless. I would go so far as to actually question the intentions of any reporter that holds up the market share statistic as a barometer that gauges the ratio of various operating system users. Any reporter worth his salt knows better than that." -------------------------------------------------- I urge you to read the story. So, please stop your ranting. you've made it clear you hate Leo LaPorte. How about making a contribution to this message board that relates to Microsoft development instead of turning this into your own hate board, since it's obvious nobody reads your own boards. Perhaps you should limit your personal attacks to there.