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    *** TO EVEY ONE ELSE ***

    SUBMARINER is whats know as a brainwashed mac fanboy. He's the type of * who can't accept anything that puts mac in the even slightest bad light.

    He will defend Leo's unprofessional biased apple plugs on the clock, on the air because he is a fanboy.

    Now if post that I don't like listening to a PAID employee of techtv ramble on and on about mac then its the end of the world.

    This type of mac use is one usually in denial of their own purchase. They fell soooo insecure about their own purchase that they feel the need to try to "STOMP OUT" even the slightest bad press about a mac.

    Check out his "MAC PRIDE ICONS" at the bottom of his mac page. The guy has no desire to let anything go that may make him question his own poor purchase.

    sad sad sad.

    PS I OWN A MAC, LINUX and PC computers. I'm going to take the high road and not respond his flame requests.

    Just another brainwashed mac user. lol