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View Thread: techtv and apple bias
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    miamijjs wrote:

    My problem with Leo is I like to watch Techtv for the great information not a QVC MAC sales pitch. Leo is "out of control" about plugging macs and SLAMMING WINDOWS.

    I'm happy he is gone.

    Buy the way it's Mac, not MAC....a MAC is the address of a NIC card.

    In Leo's defense(not that he needs me to defend him), he never bashed windows as a workable OS, he bashed all the security issues with it, and it's instablilty. Windows isn't the most stable or secure OS, and it's not bashing when you publicly say what everyone knows.

    You really shouldn't make accusations that aren't true, & maybe you should actually watch the channel more then once before you make accusations of Leo slamming windows.