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    The 2003 PDC was my 5th PDC.  I'm usually pretty hard core about absorbing as much as I can but the 2003 PDC pushed me to my limits

    Thanks for the feedback. Some quick responses: we do think about the attendee "load", and loved hearing your specific suggestions... keep 'em coming.

    We thought long and hard about scheduling sessions over lunch, and in the end decided on a limited number of shorter sessions, which were also repeated a number of times throughout the week so that you'd never have to choose between lunch and a session. (Lunch is very important to me Smiley

    Re: WiFi: oh boy. 802.11b just sucks in this regard... it's pretty much the defacto standard but it also can't handle the density we see at the event. We explicitly decided, for instance, to not try to provide coverage in the keynote hall. Access Points are getting better every year but it's definitely incremental. That's why we also provided so many wired ports.

    Question: how often did your laptop run out of juice?

    Re: mail system... did you check out the "Vibe!" application? The idea is that you could "opt in" to be found by others. But this is not a new problem, and there are a number of existing solutions out there. Yes, we want to do better here.

    Please keep the ideas coming...

    - Steve