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    Scoble, I'd love if you could talk with him and ask him 5 questions[I don't expect an answer to the last one--atleast not publicly Wink ]:

    1) Given the massive amount of coordination between various MS platforms(Longhorn, Yukon, Whidbey, Tablet PC) needed before planning a PDC, and with so much not yet completely developed, how are you able to plan this far in advance?

    2) Given the intensive amount of material being presented during a PDC, what is the event team doing to make being an attendee more manageable(last PDC due to scheduling conflicts Jim Alchin gave every attendee a DVD containing 50 of the most popular sessions) how are you approaching this dilemma/problem?

    3) At PDC 2003 blogging was the rage. Everywhere I looked I saw people wearing shirts saying, "I'm blogging this", what are your thoughts on enabling blogging before and during the PDC 2005.

    4) PDC is incredible, almost every geek at Microsoft is out talking with people, so what's the worst logistical nightmare you've dealt with in past PDCs and what makes executing a PDC challenging/exciting?

    5) Given the timeframe of big product releases such as Whidbey, betas of Longhorn, X-box2, Windows Mobile 2006, what will the PDC 2005 wow factors be, besides great content and access to Microsoft deliver, what's the developing story for PDC-->How will you surpass the unveiling of Longhorn at PDC 2003? Plus will PDC 2005 have any jabs at apple, like apple had between Microsoft Longhorn and Appleā€™s Tiger (for example: get your photocopiers ready)


    Just thought of another question
    6) What's the budget around swag giveaways for a PDC, i.e. how many free t-shirts are  you expecting to give away?