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New PDC announced

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    Wow, would love to visit that. Heard that PDC is the place to be.

    A bit to far though to travel for a non-employed developer.

    Will there ever be this kind of developer conference in Sweden?


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    Deactivated User

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    richy_roo wrote:
    Hopefully this will co-incide with the release for Yukon and Whidbey and betas of Indigo and Avalon for XP.

    If we haven't shipped by then I think I'll go insane.

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    Deactivated User

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    Andre Da Costa

    Well, it is expected that March would be the release time frame for XP 64 and PDC 2005 isn't until September 2005, thats a big gap in between March and September to promote the product (5-6 months). Visual Studio 2005 would be expected 2 months later after XP 64 which would give Microsoft some time to show off some of the new 64 bit capabilities.That would leave little for the company to talk about the product at PDC '05 and most of interest on Longhorn.

    Pocket XP, its not impossible for Microsoft to surprise us and release the beta 1 for Longhorn September 2005 to coincide with PDC 2005. This would further push beta 2 out to February or March 2006 or earlier if they have progress which can result in a short beta.

    Sticking to my original prediction (June 2005), I suspect that a beta 2 would come in January 2006 and could possibly push the final release out to November 2006 if you take into account release candidates.

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    Dr. Shim wrote:

    While we're are it, let's hope that you don't need an MSDN Universal subscription to get the Indigo and Avalon betas!

    I should hope not, seeing as how you don't need one for the the VS.Net 2005 beta, Avalon CTP or the Longhorn preview builds.

    MSDN Pro is enough to give you access to them.

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    Hello Andre,

    As per you and Zeo, here is a possible timeline:

     3/2005 - XP 64 / Longhorn Alpha : Milestone 9
     5/2005 - Yukon / Visual Studio 2005
     6/2005 - Longhorn Beta 1
     9/2005 - PDC 2005 / Longhorn Beta 1.1

     1/2006 - Longhorn Beta 2
     4/2006 - Longhorn RC1
     6/2006 - Windows Mobile 2006
     7/2006 - Longhorn RC2
    10/2006 - Longhorn RTM
    11/2006 - Longhorn GA
    12/2006 - XBox2

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    I am waiting on Tablet PC until it goes 64 bit.

    Does anyone now when we can expect to see Tablet XP 64?

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    We'll try to keep the forest fires to a minimum this time 'round. Wink
    --Mike, LA resident

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    Umm... is it not true that Microsoft has stopped the work on Milestones (eg, Milestone 9) and started work on Beta 1? I think it was mentioned in Paul Thurrott's daily newsletter.

    I personally think Microsoft has held some nice info or feature of Longhorn from the general public and will use that to mesmerize everyone at PDC. I hope its "Guess what, we have Longhorn ready, here, take your copy." ... sigh ... I know, I know.

    Anyways, so if they are working on Beta 1 right now, it doesn't seem impossible to get out a Beta to the PDC goers in almost 10 months.

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    Andre Da Costa

    Yes, Paul said the features would be locked down this month, he also said the beta 1 would be February and it turned out to be May or June to be Beta 1 for Longhorn.

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    So we can hope to see a new build of Longhorn around the WinHEC? One year later.

    Well for me, as long as I can get the beta as soon as possible it's ok for me.I don't care 1 ou 2 month of more wathing....

    Anyway, what can we do to help MS doing it more quickly?

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    I can answer one of your questions (#4) - Last years PDC happened at the same time as the massive LA fires. We were sitting in "the war room" when word came in that many of the airports were closed due to the main aircraft control tower being in the path of the flames. This was on Sunday and we were scrambling to figure out how to get not only the attendees into town, but keynote speakers as well. There are some great stories about the lengths people went to getting to LA. 

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    The 2003 PDC was my 5th PDC.  I'm usually pretty hard core about absorbing as much as I can but the 2003 PDC pushed me to my limits

    Thanks for the feedback. Some quick responses: we do think about the attendee "load", and loved hearing your specific suggestions... keep 'em coming.

    We thought long and hard about scheduling sessions over lunch, and in the end decided on a limited number of shorter sessions, which were also repeated a number of times throughout the week so that you'd never have to choose between lunch and a session. (Lunch is very important to me Smiley

    Re: WiFi: oh boy. 802.11b just sucks in this regard... it's pretty much the defacto standard but it also can't handle the density we see at the event. We explicitly decided, for instance, to not try to provide coverage in the keynote hall. Access Points are getting better every year but it's definitely incremental. That's why we also provided so many wired ports.

    Question: how often did your laptop run out of juice?

    Re: mail system... did you check out the "Vibe!" application? The idea is that you could "opt in" to be found by others. But this is not a new problem, and there are a number of existing solutions out there. Yes, we want to do better here.

    Please keep the ideas coming...

    - Steve

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    k000der wrote:

    I understand that it's too early to say what registration fee is gonna be, but does anyone have any idea what it was the last time ? I have a feeling that it was between 1500 - 2000 USD (PDC03), am I right ? 

    The full-price registration fee will almost definitely be the same as last time ($1995).

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    Zeo wrote:

    2) Given the intensive amount of material being presented during a PDC, what is the event team doing to make being an attendee more manageable(last PDC due to scheduling conflicts Jim Alchin gave every attendee a DVD containing 50 of the most popular sessions) how are you approaching this dilemma/problem?

    This is something we talk about quite a bit, actually. I'd love to hear specific suggestions about what we could do here. On the one hand, it's pretty much a goal to provide as much content/info/community opportunity as possible, to make the event memorable. Of course, on the other hand, if one's head explodes during a keynote on Day 3, then you can't remember anything at all... Smiley

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