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    I work in and shop that is primarily Open Source and since I am widly known as the 'Microsoft Guy', I am constantly recipient of various anti-microsoft rants. While most of the rants are easily dismissable, the one I have the most problem answering is the fact the IE is 'non-standards complient.'  By that I mean, it doesn't support nearly as many standards as Mozilla 1.6 does.  What steps (if any) are you at microsoft taking to fix this problem?

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    Oh no, not again..

    Just kidding. There are already several threads on this forum on the subject, I suggest you read them first.

    (I agree, a search function would be nice - that's already been discussed also)

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    If I see one more IE post I'm jumping man... Don't try and stop me.

    ~ Knute

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    What we should do is because IE is linked to virtually everything in windows and visa versa, we should find every suggestions form for all microsoft projects and suggest IE being more standard... Halo 2 - 'Could we have more standards for IE please!' =)

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    Jeremy W

    The IE team really is aware of this and really is working their butts off. They havev some pretty big fish to fry though as there are some decently important outstanding issues (plus Longhorn stuff and SP2 related fixes).

    All of the PM's I've spoken with on the team are more than aware of how important standards are and are fully behind it. Microsoft simply doesn't have the luxury that FireFox, Opera, etc had. It'll come and really I don't think there's any need for you to defend IE.

    The jabs are fair. I could give you some to counter with, but where's the fun in that? I'll save them for the /.'ers that come over and try and cause a ruckus Wink

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    Jeremy W. wrote:
    I'll save them for the /.'ers that come over and try and cause a ruckus Wink

    Let's just hope that never happens. Honestly, I'm not surprised we haven't had more of a problem of this than few random posts we've already had.

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    All I can say is I'm sorry.  Consider that you have a much brighter career path than they do.  They're giving everything away while you're paying your mortgage.

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    the fact is that many anti-microsoft people such as me belives that bill gates is an Anti-Christ.
    IE has an PNG transparent bug.

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    Troll senses tingling.

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    Shining Arcanine

    From what Tony Chor said, I can say that they are working on the issue.

    Although at this point, I'm sure that quite a few web programmers are ready to pull their hair out. ^_^;;

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    I'm sure it doesn't help that Mozilla probably has more developers working on the Gecko renderer than Microsoft has developing IE.

    The main thing people are complaining about in IE is not the browser, but the renderer.

    SVG support is not really needed as Adobe already does a plug in. What would be good is a plug-in that rendered CSS/HTML. PNG is probably the most important issue. MNG would be could too.

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