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    Richys Dilemma...

    I am a developer based in the UK and may have the chance to attend one of the above. Can someone give me some advice/guidance on which one i should choose and why?

    Consider the following

    1) I am a developer and technical evangelist, I'm currently developing in ASP.NET 2.0 (Beta 1), have worked with Tablets, Mobile Devices, Web Services, Windows forms and a Longhorn Prototype. I love .NET. I don't need basic sessions, more the advanced or really new stuff.

    2) I've been to LA and Orlando, much as i like them both i am going purely for the conference..

    Has anyone been to both? - how do they compare?, what %age of the sessions are given by Microsoft Employees, what happens in the evenings, can you 'chat' with the experts.


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